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Sixth District Leaders

Delegate Sam Rasoul

Delegate (District 11) - Roanoke City

“Ever since Jennifer and her husband, Ben, moved to Waynesboro, she has been dedicated to standing up for what is right and fighting for her community. She has volunteered for over a dozen organizations and even began one of her own, Friends of Augusta, to help protect our farms and forests. Her dedication across the Sixth District is evident through her work on different boards, for the local Democratic Party, and with her fight against the destructive Atlantic Coast Pipeline that threatens our district. Jennifer Lewis is a fighter and will continue to stand up for working class values in Congress. It is my distinct honor to endorse Jennifer Lewis for Congress because she will carry with her to Washington the values and vision of the people.”

State Senator Creigh Deeds

State Senator (District 25) - highland county, bath county, buena vista, lexington, rockbridge county, albemarle county, charlottesville, Nelson county, alleghany county, covington.

“I'm proud to endorse Jennifer Lewis for the 6th Congressional District. Jennifer has run a positive, forward thinking campaign focused on providing service and a voice for the 6th. Jennifer is committed to protecting our natural resources, increasing health care access, and expanding economic opportunity throughout the district. She would be a breath of fresh air to the Congress and to the 6th District.

Jennifer will bring innovative ideas and open minded thinking to Washington DC. She will give us the leadership and voice we deserve.”

State Senator John Edwards

State Senator (District 21) - Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Giles County, Montgomery County

“Jennifer Lewis is a mental health worker, who cares about people and their needs. She has volunteered for over a dozen organizations and even began one of her own, Friends of Augusta, to help protect our farms and forests. Her dedication across the Sixth District is evident through her work on a number of community boards, including her fight against destructive pipelines that threaten our district. Jennifer Lewis is a fighter and will continue to stand up for our values in Congress. Jennifer has the energy and values to represent the people of the Sixth Congressional District and fight for our families, not the special interests.”

Mayor Sherman P. Lea, Sr.

Roanoke Mayor

“Jennifer has a genuine concern for all citizens in the Sixth district. I met Jennifer during the primary and was impressed with her then. I'm even more impressed with her now. Her energy, understanding, and commitment to the people of our district will make her the best choice for Congress.”

Mayor Deanna R. Reed

Harrisonburg Mayor

“Jennifer Lewis is a unifier. She knows that people in the 6th District share common problems and aspirations. We all want and deserve access to healthcare and good schools for our children. We all want opportunities for work at a living wage. She is one of us and when we send her to Washington, she will speak for us.”

Vice-Mayor Ophie Kier

Staunton Vice-Mayor

“In two weeks we will be voting for who should represent us in Washington. I hear constant talk about ending the corruption in Washington from a representative to our state legislation and you buy into it. So for the next few days ask yourself, who will really represent your needs, if you are laid off or have to work two to three jobs just to try to make ends meet? Who will care if you, your child or another family member needs medical attention and you don’t make enough to pay for the medical insurance or even the copay. Ask your self if others cannot pay those bills, who will. Ask if it is okay to vote for mandates placed on your locality without funding to cover those mandates. Ask yourself if you have a child or know of someone fighting cancer why a representative chooses not to push to fund as much as possible to find the cure and certainly fund more at the state level than one single family looks at as their bill in the personal fight. I have heard that it is time for a change and yes it is. These are the things I will certainly be considering when I cast my vote For Jennifer Lewis for The House of Representatives.”

Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb

Roanoke Vice-Mayor

“Jennifer Lewis is the great energizer.  Her grassroots passion in meeting us where we live, in listening to what concerns us and delights us, and turning these insights into creative and tangible solutions is the leadership we need in Washington.  Whatever the issue - healthcare access and affordability, income inequality, workforce development, economic growth for every part of the district - Jennifer is willing to show up, listen and engage with voters.  Jennifer will work with us and for us to transform lives, and in turn, transform government.”

Councilman Erik Curren

Staunton city council

"We occupy a moment in history that demands bold action to protect our environment and kickstart a clean energy revolution. With this is mind, I'm excited to endorse Jennifer Lewis for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 6th District.

Jennifer serves on the board of Wild Virginia and is an elected member of the Headwaters Soil and Water Board of Directors. As founder and president of Friends Of Augusta, Jennifer has fought relentlessly against the dangerous and unnecessary proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Her steadfast dedication to protecting our land, water, and air - and her commitment to moving the nation to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050 - makes me proud to support her campaign for Congress."

Councilman Beau Wright

Lynchburg city council

"As a healthcare professional with deep ties to our district, Jennifer Lewis knows that the daily struggle for many of our neighbors is real. She knows the value of quality education, affordable housing and healthcare, and a living wage, and that, for so many, the barriers to these are insurmountably high. Her whole life has been spent working with people in need — it’s not theory to her, it’s reality.

I know that Jennifer will fight not just for my hometown of Lynchburg, but for all of us across the district. She’s a thoughtful, authentic leader who will represent us well in Congress. I am proud to endorse her.”


Michele Edwards

2017 Candidate
house of delegates district 20

"I'm endorsing Jennifer Lewis for the Democratic nomination in the Sixth District because she's a coalition builder, as I've seen with her work fighting the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and standing up for property rights. I know she can put together a coalition across the district, and we can finally send a representative of the people - not corporations - to Congress.

When I ran for the House of Delegates last year, I heard again and again on the campaign trail that people are deeply concerned about affordable healthcare, public education, and a living wage. Jennifer - who volunteered for my campaign - takes these concerns seriously. Her aspirational platform that includes Medicare for All, tuition-free public university, and a $15/hr. federal minimum wage, directly tackles the problems of everyday people. I can't wait to help her spread this message and win over hearts and minds across the Sixth."


Tracy Pyles

Former chairman & member
Augusta county board of supervisors

"Jennifer Lewis is a fighter, a non-stop dynamo, who represents an advocacy for people that is not seen much anymore. We have lots of people who will shrink from controversy, will run from difficult issues.

That is not Jennifer. She will run to the fire not away. She will stand her ground when it matters whether it is against a destructive pipeline or for equality for all. But she is more serious than her sunny disposition might portray. She will be a representative for all who, will give her all.

I proudly support her campaign for the Democratic nomination for 6th District Congressional nominee. And look forward to her making waves in Washington."

Brent Finnegan

2017 Candidate
House of Delegates District 26

"Many Virginians these days are working harder and earning less. We need people in elected office who will fight for middle-income working families. That’s why I am so pleased today to endorse Jennifer Lewis for Congress here in the 6th District.

I first met Jennifer at an event she organized in opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. She has been on the front lines fighting Dominion's pipelines for the past four years, and has stood up to leaders in both parties who have put the interest of private corporations over the needs and safety of the people. She has the courage and the conviction to do what's right, no matter who is pressuring her to do otherwise.

For the first time in more than a quarter century, Bob Goodlatte will not be on our ballot. I believe Jennifer has a very good chance at pulling off an upset this November, and restoring true representation to the people of our district. Jennifer is committed to fighting our rigged system, to create a fair economy where all of us can succeed."

Michael Frend

Former 2018 independent candidate
U.S. House, Sixth District

"Now that I have stepped aside in the 6th Congressional seat race I am announcing that I fully support and endorse Jennifer Lewis as our next congresswoman for Virginia's 6th Congressional district seat.

I have carefully looked at all candidates and find the Jennifer is the only candidate who has the experience as an advocate for people of the 6th. I know Jennifer will stand strong and not be bought by special interests or corporate interests. She will stand firm against the NRA as she has against the pipeline. Jennifer is the one truly peoples choice candidate. I strongly urge all of my supporters to stand with Jennifer and vote for Jennifer Lewis for Congress in the June primary election.

She is the only democratic candidate that holds the credibility and credentials as a reliable advocate for the people. Take the time to look at Jennifer's background and you will see she is easily the right choice for the valley. No bells no whistles just true representation of the people and for the people. Jennifer just doesnt talk she does what she says."


Virginia Leaders

Yasmine Taeb

Democratic National Committeewoman
2019 candidate
state senate district 35

"Chairman Tom Perez has said again and again that Democrats "can compete and win everywhere."

Virginia's 6th Congressional District offers a unique opportunity for Democrats this year because there's no Republican incumbent. We need to take advantage of Bob Goodlatte's retirement and run a bold candidate who speaks to the values of the people.

I believe Jennifer Lewis is that candidate and am proud to endorse her. Jennifer has spent the past decade serving her local community, and many of you know her as an outspoken opponent of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. She refuses to accept money from corporate PACs or fossil-fuel interests and supports Congressman Keith Ellison's Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act. Jennifer was also the first candidate in Virginia's 6th to sign the No NRA Money pledge, and like a majority of Americans, supports banning bump stocks, expanding and strengthening background checks, and reinstating the assault weapons ban.

So, Virginia Democrats, keep your eyes on the 6th, and I wish Jennifer the best of luck with her campaign!"

Linda Perriello

Community Leader & mother of Former Congressman tom perriello (VA-05)

"2018 is a special year in the Shenandoah Valley, a year when candidates need to drive a stake in the ground and stand for something. Who knew that the values of land and home that we stand for as Virginians, the morality and commonsense that are so much a part of the Virginia tradition, would be so compromised?

Tough times demand a tough candidate, and Jennifer Lewis is that candidate for Virginia's Sixth District. Her issues are the People’s issues: affordable healthcare within the reach of all, great public schools that put success within the reach of anyone (from any zip code) who works hard, and a belief that no corporation should be able to separate a citizen from their land - or compromise our precious water resources - in the name of corporate profit.  

The good people of the Sixth District have stepped up to fight in every American conflict since before the American Revolution. They returned home asking only that they be free to live on their land and protect it for future generations. For many citizens of the Sixth, that promise has been endangered in the name of eminent domain for corporate gain.

I fully and enthusiastically endorse Jennifer Lewis for Congress because the Valley deserves to be represented by a fighter who has and will continue to stand up against powerful corporations. Jenn Lewis has been doing just that for her fellow citizens. She will never back down. She will never let you down. Send her to Congress to be your voice and your champion.

I urge you to vote for Jennifer Lewis for Congress!"

Kellen Squire

2017 Candidate
House of Delegates District 58

"Jennifer is well known for her work standing up against the two major pipelines that are threatening to criss-cross Virginia, helping to organize against their unprecedented attack on private property rights, the environment, and working Virginia families. But where I know Jennifer from the best is her work on the frontlines of the mental health crisis here in Virginia. As an emergency department nurse, I see every single day how broken and frayed our social safety net is for people struggling with mental health issues. Jennifer is one of the few people that devote their heart and soul to taking the pressure off of those of us in the ER.

Jennifer works with folks to make sure they have the support and resources they need to succeed once they're discharged from a mental health hospital. I've seen her go from Western State in Staunton, to Virginia's Maximum Security facility in Petersburg, to work personally with hospital treatment teams. I’ve seen panic-inducing situations where she wouldn’t bat an eye or raise an eyebrow at. She’s been the first on the scene of crisis situations. She’s even spontaneously broken into song just to make her patients more at east, to diffuse a tense situation. Her ability to care and do whatever it takes to help her patients is unparalleled.

And she does it all - from her hero's work in mental health care, to fighting for the families, farms, and forests of the Shenandoah Valley - day in and day out, simply because it's the right thing to do. That's why she's standing up now for Virginians from Front Royal to Roanoke; from Luray to Warm Springs, Elkton to Lexington, and Lynchburg to Waynesboro. Because in the only district in Virginia with no incumbent, we need someone like Jennifer to stand up."

Jeff Thomas

Author, Virginia Politics & Government in a New Century: The Price of Power 

"Jennifer Lewis has tremendous personal integrity, a wealth of experience, and the right moral values to fight for all Virginians and stop Dominion from taking what rightfully belongs to you. Her dedication to providing health care to American veterans stands in sharp contrast to others' efforts to take it away, and speaks to Jennifer's moral compass and vision.

The long arc of Virginia's history shows that the dreams and desires of normal Virginians - from the poorest through the middle and even the upper class - have always been controlled by a tiny, corrupt elite. Now is the first time since Reconstruction when we have a chance to elect one of us to actually represent ordinary people's interests in the halls of power. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Vote for Jennifer Lewis for Congress and send someone to Washington who actually gives a damn about helping people."

Senator Mark Warner

U.S. senator, former governoR

"Jennifer Lewis understands the need to invest in tomorrow's workforce by expanding affordable health care, ensuring that a college education is affordable for all, and growing the economy so that no one has to leave the Shenandoah Valley just to find a good-paying job. 

I endorse Jennifer because she is focused on bettering the lives of working families and I know she will always put the people of the 6th Congressional District first."



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