Valley Values

Farms & Forests - Our Land, Water, Air, and Livelihood


We in Virginia's 6th are deeply tied to the land. We understand that our rivers, forests, mountains, and valleys are gifts, and it's our responsibility to protect and pass them onto our children. More immediately, we have to combat the destruction and poisoning of our environment. 

Jennifer opposes both the proposed Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines. She pledges to stand with landowners in opposition to eminent domain takings that favor large for-profit corporations. Jennifer also supports reforming FERC so citizens and scientists have as much influence as fossil-fuel industry lobbyists. She has taken Activate Virginia's pledge to refuse contributions from Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power, and she's taken the broader No Fossil Fuel Money pledge covering the entire industry.

Our priority should be green energy infrastructure and jobs. Jennifer supports the 100 by '50 Act - moving us towards 100% clean and renewable energy by 2050.

We need to start being reasonable about marijuana and hemp and legalize them. Jennifer supports H.R. 1841, Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, which removes cannabis from all schedules of the Controlled Substances Act. Likewise, Jennifer believes we should be free to cultivate hemp as our ancestors did; she supports H.R. 5485, The Hemp Farming Act of 2018

Jennifer comes from a farming family, and she understands the stress and strains endured by family farms. She wants to encourage policy that allows farms to sell directly to consumers and restaurants.

Just like in other industries, corporate conglomeration and monopolization have led to large agribusiness crushing competition from smaller farms. Jennifer wants tough enforcement of antitrust laws in the industry. 

We need to increase capital lending to small businesses and expand high-speed broadband networks throughout the district, as well. Jennifer supports a comprehensive approach to jobs and infrastructure along the lines of the 2015 Rebuild America Act introduced by Senator Sanders. 

Jennifer speaking at a concert, Devils Backbone.


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