A progressive champion is taking on the candidate "that makes Sarah Palin look like Rachel Maddow"

"It was just over a year go that I walked into a library basement in Charlottesville, Virginia, baby on one hip and diaper bag on the other, to tell the almost hundred-fifty folks present that I intended to join them on taking the first steps in the fight back against Trumpism- by running for the Virginia House of Delegates, against the guy who "proudly" represented the Trump Winery's district.

It was nerve-wracking; unless these folks had met me while I was working in the ER, none of them knew who I was. Because I'd thought for a long time that my work as a nurse was more than enough to be considered "doing my part" for my community. Sure, I'd worked for OFA in 2008; I'd donated to Obama each Presidential cycle, and to both Clinton and Sanders in '16. But as far as I was concerned, that was more than enough to be considered "doing my part". I had a busy life, kids to raise. Politics was just something you complained about, not took part in."

Josh Stanfield