To Politicians Who Blame the Mentally Ill for Gun Violence: We're Coming for Your Seats!

Jennifer Lewis, DailyKos.
February 24, 2018. 

"There's a lot of reasons I decided to run for Congress this year, here in Virginia's 6th Congressional District.

Yes, I've been an outspoken and vociferous opponent of outgoing Congressman Bob Goodlatte, infamous for everything from letting his staff author the Muslim Ban last January, to being less accountable and available than almost any other politician in the country- which, in this day in age, is saying something.

Yes, I've been helping to lead the charge in the fight against the two large pipelines being built across our district, destroying family farms via government fiat to help not the citizens of the 6th District, but a state energy monopoly and its shareholders. The worst examples of "corporate socialism" imaginable, where we'll destroy the farms and forests of our district forever just so some day traders and CEOs can make two-tenths of one percent on their margins.

And, yes, I'm not far removed from the fiscal instability that comes from endemic poverty; where your heart starts to beat as you load groceries on the belt, hoping you did your math right so you don't have to suffer the embarrassing indignity of having to put something back, knowing nothing you'd put in your cart could be considered "indulgent" or "extraneous".

Those all helped influence my decision. But for me, it ultimately comes down to a couple phone numbers I've got stored in my cell phone.

Numbers I can't get rid of."

Josh Stanfield