Corey Stewart’s Attacks on Kaine Family “Cheap and Cowardly” Says Sixth District Dem in Letter to New GOP Chair

"Last weekend Virginia’s Sixth District Republicans chose their congressional nominee, Delegate Ben Cline, at their convention. They also chose a new Chairwoman for the Sixth District Republican Committee, Jennifer Brown. Ms. Brown was seen as a potential return to civility in replacing Scott Sayre, the contentious chairman whose perceived devotion to Cynthia Dunbar led observers to expect a wild convention.

When Republican frontrunner for the U.S. Senate nomination, Corey Stewart, began his speech at the convention, he pushed the same attack on Senator Kaine’s son that we’ve heard from him again and again.

In response, Jennifer Lewis – candidate for the Democratic nomination in the Sixth District – has penned an open letter to the new GOP Sixth District chairwoman and leadership."

Josh Stanfield