6th District Democrats competing for nomination for shot at seat vacated by Bob Goodlatte

"Lewis, 36, a mental health worker, describes herself as a “bold progressive” who has been fighting on the front lines against natural gas pipelines and for other issues, such as women’s rights. She founded Friends of Augusta, a group that opposes the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and serves on the boards of Wild Virginia and the Headwaters Soil and Conservation District.

“After being an organizer and activist for 10 years, I said, ‘I have to take this to the next level and be the change I’ve been wanting to see in my elected officials,’” Lewis said.

Her battle against the pipeline touches on two personal priorities : protecting the environment and getting corporate money out of politics.

She has vowed not to accept campaign contributions from corporate PACs, and she supports a constitutional amendment to eliminate so-called corporate personhood, the notion that corporations share some of the same legal rights as individual citizens.

“We need to restore democracy and restore the power to the people,” she said."

Josh Stanfield