Family - The Foundation of Our District

For the people of the Sixth, family means everything. The day begins and ends with family. And that daily sacrifice, which for too many means working multiple jobs to keep the lights on, is ultimately worth it if it means keeping our families safe, happy, and dignified.

In our deepest, darkest times of need - when we can't depend on a politician, an employer, or even a friend - we turn to family. So as we approach public policy, we want to consider how families are affected and how we can elevate family relationships.

Fairness - Rejecting Corruption & A Rigged System

We've been taught that with hard work, discipline, and focus, in America we can find success and satisfaction. In reality, rising prices and stagnant wages have made it more and more difficult to simply break even each month, and we have to go into extreme debt to get an education. Something’s not right… not fair… about this situation.

In Washington, many lawmakers have succumbed to corporate lobbyists and campaign contributions from corporate PACs. The result is public policy that reflects the interests of donors, not everyday citizens. It's no wonder people believe the system is rigged in favor of the rich and connected, and it’s no wonder that corporate profits and CEO compensation soar while working folks struggle more for less.

Jennifer believes the corporate stranglehold over D.C. must be broken. She will work to further democratize American institutions, push policies focused on helping poor and working people, and reject lobbyists, special interests, and corrupting influences in Washington.

Fellowship - A Sense of Solidarity & Community

American politics over the past half century has been based on emphasizing and creating divisions. Both political parties thrive off of our tribal impulses as humans. But human history shows that it's possible for a community to come together, to set aside differences in pursuit of a common vision.

Over time, we've seen a decline in civic organizations and citizens participating in community activities. As we retreat into our individualized digital worlds, our phones and tablets and favorite media outlets, we become detached... no longer sitting side by side, locking eyes, truly seeing and listening to each other. At the same time, we become deeply interconnected, more so than ever before.

A sense of fellowship is deeply ingrained in the people of Virginia's Sixth District. We believe in helping our neighbors, pitching in for the good of the community, and doing everything we can to uplift the poor and suffering amongst us.

Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Jennifer Lewis