Vision: A New Politics Rooted in Valley Values


What does it mean to be political?

These days, it seems like it means to be angry

Should that surprise us? We're the wealthiest nation in the history of humanity, yet millions lack access to basic healthcare, our highways and bridges are crumbling, opioids are ravaging our communities, and our environment is under constant threat. We're overworked, underpaid, and forced into debt because we dared to pursue an education to better ourselves and provide for our loved ones.

At the same time, corporations pile up enormous profits, take our land and labor, and dole out cash to political campaigns to maintain control over our politics and economy. Political conversation is driven by talking points pushed through corporate media outlets - and echoed by well-paid talking heads who tell us what we're supposed to believe. Both political parties are held hostage by special interests and a wealthy donor class; as a result, public policy in the public interest gets kicked to the curb, as the interests of the powerful and connected are routinely furthered by the law.

Our campaign is about recognizing these realities and rejecting the failed politics of the past half century. Instead of looking to Washington, D.C. - to elected officials, party insiders, consultants, and lobbyists - for answers, we're looking to the people of Virginia's 6th Congressional District to create pragmatic solutions based in our shared values.

When we talk about values, we're looking close to home. We're looking at the relationships we have with our family, our friends, the members of our communities, and the environment in which we live. And we're asking: how can we improve life for as many people as possible and create a fair, prosperous future?

We invite you to join us in this journey to redefine politics in Virginia. For far too long, the 6th District has been neglected by both political parties in different ways. The interests of poor and working people are not represented amongst the political elite, and we need citizens of all political persuasions to stand up and demand actual representation.

We believe this movement can begin with Jennifer's campaign for Congress. 


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